Teaching English Online = More Money, More Travel and Bucket Loads of FREEDOM!

By landing on this article you’re probably wondering ‘how do I become an online English teacher?’. Well, the good news is that you’ve hit the jackpot! This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know to start your online teaching career.

If you’re totally new to online English teaching I’m sure you have lots of questions. To make it easier to reference, I’ve divided up these questions into separate articles:

  • What qualifications do I need to teach English online?
  • Do I need to be a native speaker?
  • What equipment does an online English teacher need?

Once you’ve read these starter guides, you can jump back to this article and start applying for your new online English teaching job!

My Teaching Journey

After painfully clawing my way through a teaching degree, I really needed a break and headed off to Southeast Asia. It was in the humid jungle bars of Northern Thailand, that I first met people who funded their travels through teaching English Online. They were able to earn money and still have a flexible schedule which allowed them to travel. Although, you don’t have to be a jet setter to enjoy the benefits that teaching online can offer.

So what’s this Ultimate Guide To Teaching English Online all about?

To help you cut through the noise I’ve rounded up the top 8 English Teaching Companies. You’ll find out how much they pay, what experience you need and all the important bits you’ll want to know.

Let’s dive in!

Teaching English Online With BIBO

Bibo Global Opportunity

I’ve worked for Bibo for over 12 months and really enjoy the freedom that working for them gives me. The majority of my pupils are Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean, who are very lovely, courteous and polite students to teach. When you work at Bibo you have complete control over your schedule, so you can work as much or as little as you like!

Is Bibo Online Teaching right for you?

I would class Bibo as a managed teaching experience. I call a managed teaching experience, one where they provide all the materials and have excellent support so its a gentle, hand-holding teaching experience with little or no preparation. They provide extensive training, materials and a robust support system. It’s hassle free online English teaching which you can pick up whenever it suits you.

Start earning money with Bibo in your free time!

  • Payment: 10 USD Per Hour (withdrawal via Bank Transfer)
  • Nationalities Accepted: All with fluent English Skills
  • Level of Materials Provided: Extensive
  • Pupil Types: Adults & Children (Mainly Adults)
  • Minimum Hours Required: No (fully flexible)
  • Company Location: Manila, Philippines.
  • Benefits: Paid Training, Reliable Platform, Great Support

Looking for more Bibo information? Well lucky you, I’ve written up the Bibo Ultimate Guide explaining everything as well as my personal experiences with Bibo. Check it out – Ultimate BIBO Teaching Guide.

If you found this guide useful & wanted to say thank you, when you apply for Bibo if you could enter U0800 ‘under referred by’ I would forever grateful!


Alo7 Teaching English online


ALO7 is a Shanghai based English teaching company who focuses solely on teaching English to Chinese children. The teaching is revising materials that the kids have already learnt at school earlier that day. But don’t worry you won’t be teaching a whole class of kids, your classes will be 1 on 1 or up to 3 children who tune in from home.

Is ALO7 online teaching right for you?

If you’re able to commit to a fixed schedule then ALO7 will suit you well. Similarly to Bibo, the materials are also provided, so it’s a hassle free teaching job.

Start earning money with ALO7 today

  • Payment: 15 USD Per Hour (withdrawal via Bank Transfer)
  • Nationalities Accepted: UK / CAN / US / NZ / AUS
  • Level of Materials Provided: Extensive
  • Pupil Types: Children
  • Minimum Hours Required: 6 hours a week in their peak hours (recommended)
  • Company Location: Shanghai, China
  • Benefits: Paid training, Materials provided, Great for Teaching Children


Teaching English Online with Verbling


Verbling is very different to ALO7 and Bibo, because they run an online teaching platform that allows you to set your own rate and schedule. The application process is stricter as they require a teaching degree or a TEFL or equivalent qualification to teach at Verbling. If you have these qualifications its worth applying as you can really earn some serious money by setting your own rates.

Is Verbling online teaching right for you?

If you have a TEFL or similar qualification and have experience teaching English as a Second Language, then you should definitely apply! You’ll enjoy Verbling if you’re confident at creating your own materials and like having complete control over your teaching style and schedule.

Start earning money as a freelance teacher with Verbling today!

  • Payment: You set your own rate. Each lesson is 1 hour
  • Nationalities Accepted: All Native speakers
  • Level of Materials Provided: Create your own
  • Pupil Types: Adults & Children (Mainly Adults)
  • Minimum Hours Required: No (fully flexible)
  • Company Location: San Francisco, USA
  • Benefits: Paid Training, Reliable Platform, Reliable Support System



Unlike the name suggests its not a snazzy new brand of walki talkis, but an English teaching company which works in a similar way to Verbling. What makes Italki unique, is because they have 2 different types of teachers. They have a Professional teacher: where you need to have qualifications to teach English and a Community Tutor: which is for native speakers without qualifications, who would like to have general conversation with students without preparing any lesson materials.

Is Italki the right online teaching platform for you?

Italki’s 2 types of teacher make it easier to choose which option is best for you. If you have the qualifications then being a professional teacher is a better option as you’ll be able to set a higher lesson rate. If you’re a native speaker without qualifications, who doesn’t want the faff of making materials and doesn’t mind earning slightly less- then community tutor is perfect for you.

Start earning with Italki today! 

  • Payment: Set own hourly rate (withdrawal through USD bank account or PayPal)
  • Nationalities Accepted: All native speakers
  • Level of Materials Provided: Create your own
  • Pupil Types: Adults & children (mainly adults)
  • Minimum Hours Required: No (fully flexible)
  • Company Location: Shanghai, China
  • Benefits: Fully flexible schedule, Set Your Own Rate, Good Support System



Good news- VIPKID is currently hiring! As the name suggests this a company who focuses only on teaching Chinese children. If 8 hours of teaching wailing kids is your nightmare- skip this one! If you don’t mind teaching small people this is a easy choice as materials are provided in their inbuilt teaching platform.

Is teaching with VIPKid right for you? 

If you have a bachelor degree, some teaching experience, are from the US or Canada and love teaching children- then VIPKid is the company for you! They provide all the materials so it’s a great hassle free way for North American teachers to work wherever you like!

Start earning extra money with VIPkid!

  • Payment: $14-22 USD (withdraw via USD bank transfer)
  • Nationalities Accepted: The US and Canada
  • Level of Materials Provided: Extensive
  • Pupil Types: Children (4-12 years)
  • Minimum Hours Required: 7.5 hours a week in peak hours (Mon-Fri 6-10pm CST)
  • Company Location: Beijing
  • Benefits: Flexible Schedule, Good pay rate, Materials provided


51 Talk

51 Talk is a Chinese based company who provide an online platform to teach Chinese children wherever you are in the world. You can teach as much as you like, starting with a minimum of 7.5 hours a week.

Is 51 talk the best online company for you?

51 Talk is a great company for teachers from Canada or the USA who love teaching children English. The materials are provided so this is a company for those kid friendly teachers who want a easy way to earn some extra dosh.

Start earning with 51 Talk today!

  • Payment: Up to $22 per hour USD (withdrawal via USD bank or PayPal)
  • Nationalities Accepted: USA and Canada
  • Level of Materials Provided: Extensive
  • Pupil Types: Children
  • Minimum Hours Required: 7.5 hours in peak hours
  • Company Location: China
  • Benefits: Materials provided, Good training resources, Good hourly rate


Baron’s English

Baron’s English is a London based Online English teaching company who have tailor made courses available for their students. There are a variety of courses from Business to English for children so there is a mix of adult and children learners.

Is teaching with Baron’s English right for you?

Baron’s English is great choice for UK teachers with TEFL or equivalent qualifications living in the UK who don’t want to prepare any materials. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to earn some extra income- this ones for you!

Turn your free time into an extra income with Baron’s English!

  • Payment: $9-$11 USD per hour (withdrawal via Paypal or GBP account)
  • Nationalities Accepted: The UK only
  • Level of Materials Provided: Extensive
  • Pupil Types: Adults & children (mainly adults)
  • Minimum Hours Required: No (teaching hours between 6 am- 4 pm GMT)
  • Company Location: London, UK
  • Benefits: Flexible Schedule, Materials provided, Hassle Free Teaching



Blazaar is a language teaching company based in Barcelona which has its own inbuilt teaching platform. Teachers on this site can teach other languages other than English such as French, Spanish and Portuguese. Student’s buy in ‘blazys’, Blazaar’s own currency, and you withdraw ‘blazys’ to pay yourself.

Is teaching with Blazaar right for you?

If you have some teaching experience and qualifications and want a flexible schedule then Blazaar is for you! As you need to create your own materials and manage your schedule, this is perfect for a confident English teacher.

Start earning with Blazaar today!

  • Payment: Set own rate (withdraw through USD bank transfer/ Paypal)
  • Nationalities Accepted: All
  • Level of Materials Provided: Create your own
  • Pupil Types: Adults & Children (mainly adults)
  • Minimum Hours Required: No (fully flexible)
  • Company Location: Barcelona
  • Benefits: Set your own rate, Flexible Schedule, Reliable Support


What are your reasons for wanting to teach English Online? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! 













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