I couldn’t stop sweating in Thailand until I learnt this awesome secret anti-sweat tactic!

When we first hit the ground in Bangkok Airport, Thailand I was met with the cool air-conditioned airport and thought to myself it’s not that hot, I’m gonna be fine.

Half an hour later (30 hours into our trip from Manchester, UK with no sleep) we jumped into the back of a Taxi and hit the road on our way to Khao San to breath in some culture and get ourselves a much needed Chang.

It was when I left the taxi that the wall of heat hit me with a humidity like no other and that’s when it happened… I started to sweat… really sweat.

This sweating went on for two weeks, I found myself strolling into 7/11’s everywhere just to cool off, pretending to look at anything in the freezer section to get that much needed hit of cold air.

I was thinking to myself, aren’t we supposed to adjust to the heat? Why isn’t everyone feeling as hot as me?? or looking as sweaty as me?

The Realisation and Solution

And that’s when it hit, every night before I went to sleep I’d been cranking the air-conditioning down to a cool 18 degrees and wrapping up warm in the duvets provided at the hotels.

This was my biggest mistake! I wasn’t letting my body adapt at night to the hotter climate and adjust to the warmer temperatures.My body was in a YoYo state of Hot & Cold, Day & Night.

So the next night I only cranked the air-conditioning down to 26 degrees which is still around 6 degrees cooler than the outside air temp but nowhere near the European night temps I’d been aiming for previously.

The first few nights, let’s just say I was roasting my socks off and didn’t sleep very well but on the third night it looked like my body was finally adjusting.

The real big difference for me came during the day when I was strolling around the Islands of Thailand with a T-Shirt on and without a sweat patch in sight! This daytime feeling of cool only improved as each night I raised the air-conditioning a little around. 28 Degrees was the magic number for me, cool enough to sleep comfortably but warm enough to acclimatise to the daytime heat.

A few weeks later I felt like a local, I even had a hoodie around in my backpack in case it got cold and when I mean cold, I mean anything under 25 degrees! Back in the UK, I’d be in my swim shorts preparing the BBQ for any weather over 18 degrees!

It’s easy to feel that you’ve paid for your hotel (air-conditioning included) so you’re gonna crank it right down to a cool evening temperature but your only shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to acclimatising.

So my solution is – Want to stop sweating so much in Thailand? Let your body acclimatise at night as well as in the day!

Let me know about your embarrassing unstoppable sweats or how you are a beacon of dry hope for everyone in the comments below! Plus I’d love to hear any of your tips to beat the Bangkok heat!



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