Lotus Hotel Swimming Pool in Chiang Mai

The Best Swimming Pools in Chiang Mai – Updated for 2024.

Update: There are some great new open-to-the-public swimming pool options for 2024 in central Chiang Mai : )

Whether you’re visiting Chiang Mai (Thailand) for a holiday or here to stay for a little longer, we’ve put together a list of the best swimming pools to kick-back, relax and enjoy yourself at.

It took me two months of living in Chiang Mai before I realised there was an epic 50m swimming pool hiding on the rooftop of my local shopping mall (sadly now closed)... so do a good deed today and share this article so that future Chiang Mai travellers don’t miss out!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the swimming pools in Chiang Mai, but hopefully, there should be a swimming pool to suit everyone’s needs.

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Whether you’re looking for a full-length training pool, salt-water, child-friendly or just somewhere to cool off and relax for a lazy afternoon, then you’re in luck.

(Have I missed your favourite swimming pool in Chiang Mai? No problem, leave a message in the comments below and I’ll be sure to update this article and keep it useful.)

1. Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew Swimming Pool

Rooftop Pool in Chiang Mai
tap to enlarge

My favourite swimming pool in Chiang Mai has to be the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel Pool which is located high up on the 7th floor and comes with fantastic views over the city as well as into the Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall interior garden.

Close to both the Nimman area and the North-West corner of Old Town the 7th floor pool is also set back far enough from the main road for you to enjoy a peaceful swim away from the hustle & bustle of the main ‘Huay Kaew’ road.

Great central location, enormous pool & relaxing ambience

I find that the pool never gets too busy thanks to its sheer size meaning there’s always plenty of space around the pool to relax in. Even during the peak season, there are plenty of sunbeds available as the pool doesn’t seem very popular. It’s the kind of pool that quickly becomes your go-to secret Chiang Mai relaxation spot!

Update: Unfortunately, they decided to replace the, albeit old, solid wood premium sunbeds with cheap white plastic cushion-less ones. Gone is the traditional Lanna vibe, replaced by a little benidormesque.

Another nice touch is that the pool was designed with inbuilt seating around the edges of the pool allowing you to sit half submerged and cool off during the extreme heat of the summer months.

Swimming Pool Size: 50m
Opening Times: 9am to 9pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Basic & Expensive (Better off buying water downstairs in the mall)
Depth: 2m deep end.
Suitable for Children: Yes, large shallow section.
Price: 100 Baht (Includes Towel & Sunbed Use)
Location: Google Maps Location

Location Tip: The Lotus Hotel is actually situated behind Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall, but rather than walking through an unattractive car park to reach the entrance (thanks Google maps), you can enter the Kad Suan Kaew Mall from Huaykaew Rd (The main road from Old Town to Maya Shopping Mall) then walk through the mall straight to the hotel entrance. Take the lift straight up to the 7th floor then turn right.

2. Treevana Swimming Pool – A Hidden Boutique Paradise

Treevana Pool Chiang Mai

Only a 5 minute ride out of old town will take you to this hidden oasis in the heart of Santitham. Both a hotel with private jacuzzi rooms and a pool/restaurant area (Lychee Restaurant), this is the perfect place to sit back, relax and have a cocktail.

You should check out their Facebook page where they regularly have offers for the pool and restaurant. At the time of writing this article, they have a min spend of 250B per person that allows you access to the pool, cafe and loungers all day. You then get this back in credit to spend on food and drinks.

Treat yourself at the luxury Treevana Pool

Although the pool is suitable for both children and adults, if you’ve got wild little ones, it’s best to leave the screaming & splashing kids at home. Let’s preserve the cosy boutique vibe. The saltwater pool is great for cooling off and sipping drinks and you can even get in a little cardio thanks to the 15m pool.

Swimming Pool Size:  15m
Opening Times: 9am to 9pm
Sunbeds: Yes (Premium Loungers)
Refreshments: Yes (Food, Drinks & Cocktails)
Depth: 1.2m
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 250B Baht (Credit to spend)
Parking: Yes
Location: Google Maps Location

3. Le Méridien Chiang Mai – Rooftop Pool

Le Meridien Chiang Mai Swimming Pool

If your looking to experience one of Chiang Mai’s 5-star swimming pools, the Le Meridian in Chiang Mai has recently opened up to guests. It’s definitely worth calling or messaging beforehand though, with all the uncertainty of recent times.

Enjoy this Luxurious 5-star Hotel Experience for less

The family offer below is the best value and even saves a few baht if you’re visiting with a friend. You can also sample the menu and drinks a decent 30% off with your pool access ticket.

The swimming pool is surrounded by sunbeds with complimentary towels all facing Doi Suthep mountain for some fantastic views. As it’s situated on the east of TP Gate, it’s one of the best places to see the whole mountain.

I haven’t visited this one myself yet as a friend put me onto it recently. If you’ve been, I’d love to hear your feedback. : )

Swimming Pool Size: Small – Fresh Water
Opening Times: 10am til 7pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes, Alcoholic & Soft.
Depth: Unknown
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 300 Baht (1 Adult) + Family 500 Baht (2 adults + 2 Children) + Complimentary Water + 30% OFF Food & Beverages
Location: Google Maps Location

4. Looper Swimming Pool & Onsen

Looper Swimming Pool and Onsen Chiang Mai

If you’re an early riser, you’ll love the Looper swimming pool which opens at 7am and features a hot water onsen. Situated behind Maya Shopping Mall in the Jed Yod area of Chiang Mai, this 25m pool is great for a post-workout relax or a splash with the kids.

25m Pool & hot Onsen Behind Maya Mall

Watch out for the happy hour as well, where you can bag yourself up to half price during the quiet times of the day. Best to message them beforehand and check on what offers they currently have. The regular price for all-day use is 100baht.

Swimming Pool Size: 25m Pool (Chlorine) + Hot Onsen + Cold Bath
Opening Times: 7am to 9pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes (Small Shop)
Depth: 1.2m
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 100B Baht
Parking: Yes
Location: Google Maps Location

5. The Pool Cafe & Swim

The Pool and Cafe Swim Chiang Mai

A new swimming spot in Chiang Mai is the Pool Cafe 7 Swim. Combing a cute little cafe with a large 25 metre pool just a tad north of the old town in Santitham area.

A great budget pool option with A dedicated kids pool

If you’re looking for a spot to grab coffee and have a swim only a few minutes from the heart of Chiang Mai, then it’s worth checking out the newly opened ‘The Pool Cafe & Swim’.

If you’re looking for somewhere to lounge and relax poolside  then there are better options with comfy sunbeds.

Swimming Pool Size: 25m
Opening Times: 10am to 6pm
Sunbeds: No (Benches & shaded seating only)
Refreshments: Coffee, Drinks & Smoothies + Snacks at the Cafe.
Depth: 350-150cm Main Pool | 70cm Children’s Pool
Suitable for Children: Yes, Shaded Children’s Pool
Price: 50 Baht
Location: Google Maps Location

6. Rise Rooftop Bar & Pool (Top floor Akyra Manor)

Rise Rooftop Bar & pool in Chiang Mai
Click to enlarge

Update: Rise Rooftop Swimming pool is now only available for Akyra Manor Hotel guests.

On the roof of the Akyra Manor hotel lies an absolutely beautiful infinity pool that looks over Doi Suthep mountains and is a great spot to watch the sunset. If that wasn’t already good enough, next to the swimming pool is the Rise Rooftop Bar which serves up drinks until late.

This is the place to sip cocktails, watch the sunset & party

Situated in the heart of the Nimman area, entry to the pool is free with the purchase of a drink. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, they often have a 2-4-1 happy hour on the cocktails as well.

This isn’t the pool to get in any kind of serious swim, but, it would certainly make an impressive first date if anyone’s looking for ideas. Thanks to Richard, the golfer, for recommending this one to me!

Swimming Pool Size: 5 x 8m Salt Water
Opening Times: 10am til 7pm
Sunbeds: Yes (Limited)
Refreshments: Yes, Alcoholic & Soft.
Depth: 1.2m
Suitable for Children: No.
Price: Free with purchase.
Location: Google Maps Location

7. The Cocoon Pool, Sauna & Ice Bath

The Cocoon Swiming Pool Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for a relaxing saltwater swimming pool combined with a herbal sauna & ice bath, then The Cocoon has you covered. With it’s health retreat vibes, if also offers many events from Breathwork classes to Ecstatic Dance.

SWimming, Sauna & Ice Bath all included in the day pass

It’s a 30min ride or taxi south out of Chiang Mai, so you can escape the hustle & bustle of the city. Make sure to contact them on Facebook before visiting to double-check the pools open.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vibe and want to de-stress & detox at the same time then The Cocoon is a great choice. If you’re looking to get some laps in, keep reading!

Swimming Pool Size: 10m Oval Shape.
Opening Times: 12pm-7pm (Thursday 12-10pm) Closed Mondays
Sunbeds: No (indoor shaded cocoon area & underwater bench around the pool edge)
Refreshments: Healthy Food & Drinks Available.
Depth: 3
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 250 Baht (Sat/Sunday)
Location: Google Maps Location

8. 700 Years Stadium Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool in Chiang Mai
tap to enlarge

Although a short TukTuk or scooter ride out of the centre of Chiang Mai, the 700 Years Stadium Swimming pool is still worth checking out. The sports complex was created in 1995 to host the SE Asian games and also to celebrate Chiang Mai’s long history.

The main swimming pool meets the official 50 meter Olympic standard, is open air and consists of 8 swimming lanes with seating either side. There’s also a separate pool directly adjacent specifically for diving including 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m & 1m platforms.

Great for an intense training session or a sports filled afternoon

Don’t expect luxury at the 700 Years Stadium swimming pool as it isn’t as well kept as some of the other pools in Chiang Mai. But on the other hand, if you’re after a decent training session, there are loads of other sporting activities available. You can easily spend the whole afternoon there.

Swimming Pool Size: 50m
Diving: Yes
Opening Times: 8am to 8pm
Sunbeds: No
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: 2m
Suitable for Children: Yes, Supervised.
Other Facilities: Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Outdoor Exercise Equipment, Running Track.
Price: 60 Baht (Discounted price with membership available)
Location: Google Maps Location

9. Green Hill Place Swimming Pool

Green Hill Place Swimming Pool Chiang Mai
tap to enlarge

Although not the most private of swimming pools as it’s overlooked by a large condo, Green Hill Place boasts an impressive 25mx20m swimming pool that is open to the public for a small charge.

If you’re new to Chiang Mai and are looking to meet some new people then the Green Hill Pool is a great place to socialise and meet other travellers who are also staying in Chiang Mai on a more long term basis.

Great pool to meet fellow travellers

There is a cafe area next to the swimming pool where you can buy drinks and snacks and there’s also sunbeds available around the sides of the pool. Although you might find it difficult to get one as you’re competing with all of the local residents.

You might think that if you were living at one of the three Green Hill Place apartment blocks you’d have free access to the pool? Well you’re wrong, they have to pay as well so don’t feel like you’re intruding on what would otherwise be the resident’s peaceful private swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Size: 20m x 25m
Opening Times: 8am to 8pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: 1.5m
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 50 Baht a day, 1000 Baht a month.
Location: Google Maps Location (Trust me it’s there)

10. The Imperial Resort & Sports Club (Mae Rim)

The Imperial Pool Chiang Mai

Located in Mae Rim, north Chiang Mai The Imperial Resort and Sports Club. Sporting both an Olympic (50mx25m) main pool and also a children’s pool (10mx8m) as well as Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis and Snooker, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Not just an Olympic sized swimming pool

While it’s not the most convenient of swimming pools if you’re staying in central Chiang Mai, it’s one of the few Olympic sized options so deserves a place on this list. There is also a fitness gym and sauna available separately to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Size: 50m Olympic Pool (Chlorine) + Childrens 10m
Opening Times: 7am-8pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: 110cm-180cm
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 80 Baht (Memberships available)
Parking: Yes
Location: Google Maps Location

11. Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel Swimming Pool

Rooftop Swimming Pool in Chiang Mai

I haven’t actually visited the swimming pool at the Orchid Hotel in Chiang Mai. I only found out that this pool is open to the public after having already fallen in love with the Lotus hotel pool next door.

It looks to be a decent size and having the faux grass surrounding the pool is a nice touch but, for me, it’s a little close to the main Huay Kaew road.

For if you’re getting bored of Lotus Hotel, just kidding.

If you’ve visited here then feel free to comment below with your experience of the Orchid Hotel swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Size: Unknown, Salt or Fresh.
Opening Times: Unknown
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: Unknown
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: Unknown
Location: Google Maps Location

12. Centre Of The Universe Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in Chiang Mai

This half-sized Olympic saltwater swimming pool offers both lane and free sessions at set times throughout the day as well as having an open-air restaurant for food and drinks.

The resort is very peaceful with plenty of greenery surrounding the pool to help you sit back, relax and reach your zen place. There are sunbeds and seating available to use around the pool.

A nice secluded pool with an onsite open air restaurant

If you’ve got kids, then you’re in luck as they have a separate shallow kid’s pool for children who aren’t competent swimmers yet or just want to splash around.

Another benefit to TheRealCentreOfTheUniverse swimming pool is that they have wheelchair access from their car park to the poolside, specially designed toilets and changing facilities to accommodate people with mobility impairment.

Swimming Pool Size: 25m Salt Water,
Opening Times: 7am – 7pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Open air restaurant (last food orders 6:15pm)
Depth: 1m – 1.7m
Suitable for Children: Yes (Separate shallow kids pool)
Price: 100 Baht per hour(Dedicated lane swimming times), 10am – 4:30pm 200 Baht adult, 120 baht child. Membership discount rates available.
Location: Google Maps Location

13. Veranda Chiang Mai – Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool in Chiang Mai Mountains
tap to enlarge

About a 30 minute drive outside of Chiang Mai, situated in the southern mountains of Doi Suthep lies the Luxury Zen Veranda Resort & Spa.

This isn’t the place to visit if you’re pinching your pennies, but as an indulgent treat, it doesn’t get any more relaxing than looking out from the edge of the infinity pool into the mountains of Doi Suthep national park.

With views that’ll take your breath away, Veranda Pool is pure luxury

If your wallet knows no bounds, unlike mine, then you could also opt to spend the night in one of their Jacuzzi Pavilion suites with a private balcony looking over the beautiful hillside forest.

Swimming Pool Size: Who cares, look at that view!!
Opening Times: 7am to 7pm
Sunbeds: Yes
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: 1.2m
Suitable for Children: Yes (Separate kids pool)
Price: 400 baht for visitors (Call before as can be hired out to private functions)
Location: Google Maps Location

14. Tweechol Botanic Garden Swimming Pool

tweechol botanic gardens swimming pool chiang mai

Thanks to Harry for recommending the Tweechol Botonica Gardens swimming pool out on the 118, North-east of Chiang Mai in Muang County.

You could spend the whole day Tweechol Botanic Gardens learning about Lanna culture, walking the beautiful grounds, kayaking on the lake or even visiting their mini zoo. But it’s the fitness and swimming pool that we’re interested in.

get out of Chiang Mai and relax at the Tweechol Gardens Pool

It features a 25m pool that is often completely empty so you can have yourself a private pool for only 139 baht.

While you’re there you can also rent a bicycle to explore the large grounds for only 75 baht (180 minutes). Or you can hire one of the onsite golf carts for 320 baht (90 minutes).

Swimming Pool Size: 25m
Opening Times: 8:30am to 7pm
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: unknown
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 139 Baht Adult (Fitness & swimming) | Children 75 Baht
Location: Google Maps Location

15. Rujirawong Swimming Pool

Rujirawong Swimming Pool

Affiliated with the Chiang Mai University, the Rujirawong swimming pool boasts a full-sized 50m pool as well as an additional diving pool.

Full sized Olympic swimming pool

You will need a membership to use the pool which is 300baht a year. While not worth it for the short-term traveller, those staying a little longer and living closer to the mountain might be interested as it’s only 50baht a session.

Swimming Pool Size: 50m + Dive Pool
Opening Times: 10:00am to 12:00 (Lunch closed) 13:30 to 5:45pm (Also closed Mondays/Tuesdays)
Sunbeds: No
Refreshments: Yes
Depth: 2m
Suitable for Children: No
Price: 50 Baht Adult (Membership Required 300 Baht for 1 year)
Location: Google Maps Location

16. Santitham Plaza Swimming Pool

Santitham Plaza Swimming Pool

This little pool is a hidden gem if you can get there in the morning and steadily gets busier until it peaks in the afternoon. It’s a no frills affair but there are lockers available (bring your own lock), and also a snacks bar.

As the pool is in a built-up area there’s plenty of shade in the mornings and afternoon but watch out with the little ones at midday as the pool isn’t covered. It’s also a fairly strongly chlorinated pool so bring the goggles.

Hidden budget gem in the centre of Santitham

Hidden in the centre of Santitham it’s a little harder to get to but at only 50baht for the whole day, I can’t complain. Another benefit is the pool is surrounded by chairs letting you sit back and relax while the kids play.

Swimming Pool Size: 20m
Opening Times: 11:00am till late
Sunbeds: Chairs
Refreshments: Yes (Snacks & Drinks)
Depth: Shallow to Deep
Suitable for Children: Yes
Price: 50 Baht
Location: Google Maps Location

Swimming Pools
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swimming-pools-in-chiang-mai-thailandI hope you found this list of Chiang Mai Swimming Pools useful, and don't forget to leave a comment with you favourite outdoor pools below. : ) Also, if you've visited any of the pools in this list, drop a comment with your experience and I'll be sure to keep the article updated.


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  2. Thanks,

    We went to Lotus Hotel pool – yep, nice one and was almost completely empty, until evening.
    With scooter you can ride up in front of the Hotel or park in the shopping mall for 5THB 4 hours.

    Would love to visit Veranda, but 400THB is steep .

    • Hi Tom,

      Yeah the Lotus Swimming Pool is awesome! Can’t beat having a rooftop 50m pool to yourself in Chiang Mai!

      We found that a lot of people parked scooter / bikes on the pavement outside the 7/11 opposite the front of the Kad Suan Kaew. Good to know it’s only 5BHT parking inside as well : )

  3. Thank you for this list. We’re planning our December trip to Chiang Mai, my second visit, first with kids (13/11). So I’ve been wrestling with pool vs. no pool for accommodations. When you travel with kids it’s definitely a factor (“Mom, I’m bored!” Go swimming!)
    I’d really prefer to stay in a smaller inn/guesthouse, so now that I know we have options, the decision is easier. I’ll be sure to report back following our trip. Thanks again!

    • Hi Renee,

      Yeah, we wrestled with the same question as adults last winter! We went for the pool in the end, but made trips to Lotus Hotel as the pool their is just too good not to!

      The temperature should be really nice in December as well (coolest part of the year). We’re heading back to Chiang Mai ourselves September until December so I’ll update the post if I find any more pools open to the public / good for kids : )

      • Jim! A follow up – we recently got back from our Thailand visit. In Chiang Mai our guesthouse owner (an expat) actually recommended the Lotus pool, and I remembered it was on your list. Cut to the chase – we did go. It was 500B for the four of us, which included towels. We did stop at the market for snacks and water first, so outside food and drink are welcome.
        Thanks for the info, glad I found your blog. I included a link to this page in my trip report on Trip Advisor so others can find you.

  4. Hey, thanks for this great list! We went to check out Rise Rooftop Bar and Pool tonight around 4pm. Unfortunately they don’t let outsiders use the pool. They stopped us as soon as we grabbed towels.

    It wasn’t busy, 5 people other than the two of us. The pool is small, but the view is great. In total, there are 4 lay down beds for tanning. 3 tables of two by the pool and about 5 couch loungers with table in the middle (good for 4 people). Drinks were great, but prices reflected that. Average price is 250-300 baht for a cocktail. They have a happy hour at 5:30. Bill was 1000 baht for 2 drinks each (plus a third free for happy hour). FYI they charge a 10% service charge (tip) on the bill. Overall it was a good experience, just sad that when we got there they wouldn’t let us use the pool.

  5. What about tweechol gardens, just out of Chiang Mai, At the Horizon Resort? Their marketing department should be shot, but the place is fantastic – been going there 4 times in about 10 years now, and only ever seen one other family in the 25mtr pool. Stunning gardens, mini zoo, etc.

  6. Hey, nice recommendation! I’ve just came from that swimming pool and now the price is 100 Bahts for adults :) even cheaper than before. Best.

  7. This post was incredibly helpful and very accurate! I just got back from the hike and had no issues following the directions or advice. I did find the fork in the path where there are two ways- I know this because I went the wrong way for a few minutes before realizing it wasnt right. THANK you so much for the write up!

  8. Just perfect. And the price is 100THB not 150 and the towel is inclusive.
    Water is clean and the vier from the top of the bulding.

  9. Thanks for this list! Sitting poolside at the Orchid Hotel at the moment— it’s 200 baht/person. Snagged the last chairs available. Not the nicest pool/ environment but totally does the trick! Happy to enjoy the sun and pool! Cheers!

  10. Hi Jim,

    I’m working for akyra Manor Chiang Mai and we would like you to remove our swimming pool from your list because the pool is for our in-house guests enjoyment only.

    All outside guests are most welcome to have food and beverage at Rise rooftop bar from 3pm till late night.

    Thank you.

  11. I haven’t been in Chiang Mai for a few years, but I seem to remember there was a gym in the building as well and if you join the gym for a cheap monthly rate, the pool is either free or cheaper ? Not sure if the gym is still there or if there is a deal with the pool.

  12. I am having so much trouble finding accommodation in Chiang Mai with pool access (via the room). I am not interested in a seperate private pool just access to one from our room. Could you suggest what I should enter into google as I am getting no where at the moment.
    With thanks in advance

    • Hi Donna,

      Yeah it’s not that common with long term condos for pool access. Some of the rooms at Hillside Condo 4 are close to the pool.

      There’s a hotel Called Treevana that has pool access rooms, you can also use for day access with food/drinks.

      Good luck with your search and feel free to drop a comments for everyone else if you find any hidden gems : )

  13. Thanks we are at the lotus hotel pool! A real hidden gem, never would’ve found it if I hadn’t read your post. Still 100BAHT per person in 2024 😊

  14. Thanks we are at the lotus hotel pool! A real hidden gem, never would’ve found it if I hadn’t read your post. Still 100BAHT per person in 2024 😊 it’s lovely 🥰

  15. We went to the Marriott in Chiang Mai. Very nice, but also very cold water. Service was really good. Heads up: price was much higher for our family of 4 (500bath per adult and 250 per kid). And no 30% on food & drinks.

    • Yeah, most swimming pools in Chiang Mai are too cold for most between Nov and Feb. They don’t have a chance to warm up between with the sub 20c temps at night. Only for the brave! Thanks for helping with the pool prices at the Marriot! : )


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