The Best Craft Beer Bars In Chiang Mai (2023 Edition)

Get Your Craft Beer Fix in Chiang Mai At One Of These Awesome Bars

Renegade Craft Beer

Bored of Chang, Leo & Singha? We’ve found the best ‘Craft Beer Bars’ in Chiang Mai!

We’ve all been there, endless cheap bottles of Chang shared over some hilarious travel stories… its all fun and games until… you wake up the next morning feeling like you had a fight with a tuk-tuk.

In the name of science, I’ve done my fair share of Thai beer research and the results are in… Unfortunately, most Thai beers make you feel like sh*t the next morning.

While it might not seem obvious, Chiang Mai’s Craft Beer Scene is awesome!

Yeah… Thailand is still catching up to Europe when it comes to craft beer options. But with new craft bars & independent breweries opening up across Chiang Mai, the gap is closing fast.

Due to Thai regulations, most of the craft beers you’ll find have been imported, but that another story.

Here are the best Chiang Mai Craft Beer Bars for all your Craft beer, Craft IPA & Craft Cider needs.

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The Best Craft Beer, Craft IPA & Craft Cider Bars in Chiang Mai.

1. My Beer Friend – Nimman

My Beer Friend Nimman

This compact and seriously cool craft beer bar is located on Soi 9 in the popular Nimman area. Located underneath the No 9 Hostel, this bar is anything but backpacker. With its chic hipster decor and dark ambience, it’s a great spot to relax after a hard days touristing.

The owners of My Beer Friend know their beers and have also opened 2 more craft beer bars called ‘My Beer Friend Market’ and ‘The Grumpy Old Men: My Beer Friend Taproom’.

What’s special about this bar is they serve their own local craft beers brewed in their own ‘My Beer Friend Brewery’. Opened in 2014, you can now find their craft IPAs stocked across Chiang Mai’s craft scene.

It’s well worth checking out, and is fully air-conditioned inside.

Opening Times: 5pm – 11:30pm
Price: Draft: From 130 baht for 250ml. Bottles: 150 baht
Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, Craft Beer
Cosy, Laid Back, Friendly

2. Renegade Craft Beer & Billiards – Old Town

Renegade Craft Beer

Renegade Craft Beers & Billiards is a super friendly air-conditioned sports bar close the East Gate of Old Town. It’s a little difficult to find at first as it’s located behind the popular sister restaurant ‘UGO’.

They have over 300 craft beers and ciders available and 10 draft ales & IPAs on tap. There’s plenty interesting craft concoctions including a coconut cream ale last time I visited.

Top Tip: Check out the discontinued stock menu where you can grab some bargain craft delights. I bagged myself a delicious west country cider 2-for-1 offer.

Not Your Typical Pool Table: These are billiards tables my friend. For 50 baht a game or 200 baht an hour, you can play on these well-maintained premium tables whilst sipping on your non-headache-inducing craft beer.

Opening Times: 12pm – 12am
Price: Draft: From 100 baht for 330ml. Cans: from 150 baht
Beers: Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, Cider
Sports bar, Billiard Tables x3, Foosball Table

3. Namton’s House Bar – South Night Bazaar

Namton's House Bar

If you hop over (see what I did there) the Ping river, you’ll find this cool oasis of beery goodness.

Everything from the beautifully manicured gardens to the funky Namton’s House Bar branded glasses screams ‘classy hipster’. They’ve even got turtles and fish chilling in the small canal next to the bar.

They have both a huge range of international and local craft beers plus delicately prepared Western foods like carbonara and pizza (with real cheese!). And if you can’t choose just one beer, you can buy a craft beer flight instead, which is 4 small glasses of different ales, stouts & IPAs.

Top Tip: You can taste your craft beer before buying but this is limited to 3 testers. I think at some point, someone must have been taking the piss.

Opening Times: 3pm – 11:30pm
Price: Draft: From 160 baht for 250ml. Bottles: From 220 Baht
Beers: IPA, Pale Ale, Fruit Beers, Cider, Pilsner, Stout
Garden, Classy

4. Beer Lab – Nimman

Beer Lab Chiang Mai

Beer lab Chiang Mai has long been an established craft beer bar for IPA lovers. Located on the main Nimman Road, it’s super easy. The downside? Quite a lot of traffic noise.

They have an enormous drinks selection from all over the world. Their menu mainly consists of beers and ciders from Belgium, Germany, the USA and Asia. They have recently started to stock some local Thai craft beers too like ‘Blossom Weizen’, a local wheat beer.

The major snag is that Beer lab’s prices are considerably higher than other craft beer bars in Chiang Mai. If you’re looking for an alternative to beer lab then consider trying My Beer Friend which is only 5 minute walk away and has a much more local selection of craft beers.

Opening Times: 5:30pm – 12am
Price: Draft: From 150 baht for 250ml
Beers: Pale Ale, IPA, Cider, Wheat Beer, Fruit Beer, Stout
Outdoor Seating, Relaxed

5. Monmek Nimman Soi5 – Nimman

Monmek Craft Beer

Monmek is popular for 2 reasons: their amazing coffee and their selection of craft beers. This is a local and cosy place where you can drink the afternoon away watching the world go by.

A short walk from Maya, they usually have 2 craft beers on tap as well as a selection of international and local craft beer bottles. Monmek also brews their own beer under the brewery name ‘onemorebrewing’. One of their most popular beers is their zesty grapefruit IPA.

Whilst they don’t have the largest choice of craft beers, it’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling supporting your local independent brewers.

Opening Times: 11am – 11pm
Price: Draft: 200 baht per 500ml
Beers: IPA, craft beer, Pale Ale
Laid back, local vibe

6. Just Beer Warehouse – Santitham

Just Beer Warehouse Chiang Mai

Just Beer Warehouse is a local Thai style bar in the middle of Santitham. As its more of a local hangout than a hipster Ikea showroom, you’ll be sitting outside while enjoying the hustle and bustle atmosphere.

They sell a variety of craft beers like the local Red Truck Ale and Snowy Weizen wheat beer, both of which are locally brewed. If you’re anything like me and you love to snack whilst you glug sip a beer, then you’ll love the Thai sausage, salty nuts and chopped chillis sharing plates.

As this bar is in Santitham, you’ll pay a lot less than in the more touristy Nimman. This bar also shows a lot of international football matches like the Premier League.

Opening Times: 6pm – 12am
Craft Beer Bottles, IPA, Pale Ales, Wheat Beer
Local, Outside seating, Football

7. Beer Walk In – Santitham

Walk In Santitham Chiang Mai

On the edge of Santitham, but close to the north-west corner of Chiang Mai’s Old Town,  this compact bar is full of craft beer delights. Beer Walk In doesn’t look like much from the outside but this is a hidden gem.

They have over 35 different craft beer bottles available as well as 4 draft craft choices. They stock several local breweries like Red Truck Ale, Tuk Tuk and Chiang Mai Weizen.

You can also get your food fix at here with both Thai and international food available as well a specials menu.

Top Tip: It’s worth checking out on Saturdays as they often have a live band playing.

Opening Times: 5pm – 12 am
Price: Draft: From 180 baht for 330ml. Bottles: From 160 baht
Beers: IPA, Pale Ale, Craft Beer, Cider, Wheat Beer,
Atmosphere: Live Music, Cosy, Small, Inside Seating

8. Parallel Universe Of Lunar 2 On The Hidden Moon – Nimman

Parallel Universe of Lunar 2 on the Hidden Moon

As you might guess from the name, this is one funky chicken. The decor is an ultra hipster concoction of green plants, white tiles and concrete floors.

Located on the top floor of the newly built (2018) ONE Nimman, you can watch beautiful sunset Doi Suthep mountain while sipping on some hoppy goodness.

The drinks selection here is humongous with over 10 craft beers from Scotland’s Brewdog to the local My Beer Friend brewery and everything in between.

For the avid craft cider heads among you, they also have the delicious Zeffer cherry cider from New Zealand.

Opening Times:
5pm – 11:30pm
Price: Draft: 200 small / 380 large.
Beers: IPA, Pale Ale, Craft Beer, Cider, Wheat Beer, Stout, Mead,
Atmosphere: Rooftop, Quirky, Sunset

9. The Beer Chiang Mai – South of Old Town

My Beer Chiang Mai

This cool industrial decorated bar is a bit out of the way, South-West of Old Town, but is worth the walk. Or even better grab a Tuk Tuk.

Looking at the floor to ceiling beer fridges which cover 2 walls, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d reached the mecca of beer.

The choice of bottled craft beer is enormous, so if you’re a fussy drinker, you’re bound to find something you like here. They also have a good selection of draft beers as well.

Unlike some other craft beer pubs that just serve snacks, you can also have your dinner here with a large international and Thai menu.

Opening Times:
5pm – 12am
Price: Draft: from 150 baht. Bottles: from 220 baht
Beers: Craft Beer, Wheat Beer, IPA, Pale Ales, Cider
Atmosphere: Industrial, Hipster

10. Number 1 Cafe Bistro – Night Bazaar

Number 1 Cafe Bistro

Also on the Loi Kroh road, near the Night Bazaar, is this homely bar with lots of open-air seating and large tables making it great for groups.

With the European style wooden tables and the open-plan bar, you’ll feel right at home. Almost like a traditional English pub but better, because you’re in Thailand!

They’ve got a huge selection of craft beers including over 120 varieties of Belgian beer. They also have a large cocktail, spirit and food menu.

Opening Times:
3pm – 12am
Price: Draft: From 60 Baht. Bottles: From 180 Baht.
Beers: Craft Beers, IPA, Blonde Beer, Wheat Beer, Ales, Cider, Fruit Beer
Atmosphere: Laid Back, Outdoor Seating, Pool table

11. Beer Terminals – Avenue Lifestyle Mall

Beer Terminals Chiang Mai

Beer terminals is not, as the name suggests, some kind of fresh hell where you wait 2 hours for a beer just to be told, it’s delayed.

This lively watering hole is convenient for those living in condos near Central Festival or if you’re needing some alcoholic refreshment after shopping.

Beer terminals has a local vibe to it with regular live music, local craft beer and is a strictly non-smoking bar throughout. Make sure you try the beer flight where you can taste 5 different beers for 250 baht.

Opening Times: 6pm – 12am
Price: Draft: from 170 Baht for 350 ml. Bottles: 100 Baht
Wheat beer, Craft Beer, Cider
Local, Chilled, Foosball Table

12. My Place Lounge – Night Bazaar

My Place Lounge Chiang Mai

Just off the infamous Loh Kroi road (bar girl central), you can still get your craft beer fix.

With a good selection of locally brewed IPAs, a few European wheat beers and live sports, there’s certainly a unique atmosphere.

Cider lovers will also be happy as they have Thatchers, Brothers and Savannah cider, which is a rare find for Thailand.

Opening Times:
8am – 12am
Price: Bottles: From 175 baht
Beers: Craft Beer, IPA, Wheat Beer, Cider, Stout, Porter
Atmosphere: Sports bar, Food, Western, Pool Table

13. Chiang Mai Craft Beer FAQs

What Craft Beers are brewed locally in Chiang Mai?

I’m sure there are a few more, but the ones I’ve come across are:

  • Red Truck Ale (Chiang Mai Beer)
  • Ping River Pilsner (Chiang Mai Beer)
  • Blossom Weizner (Chiang Mai Beer)
  • Chiang Mai Accent – Wheat Beer (My Beer Friend)
  • Nimman Supernova Double IPA (My Beer Friend)
  • Caffeine Deal – Porter (My Beer Friend)
  • Northern Parade – bitter (My Beer Friend)
  • Haze – Pale Ale (My Beer Friend)

Comment below with your favourite locally brewed craft beer.





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