Lotus Hotel Swimming Pool in Chiang Mai

Looking for a swimming pool in Chiang Mai? We’ve got you covered!

The Best Swimming Pools in Chiang Mai - Updated for 2024. Update: There are some great new open-to-the-public swimming pool options for 2024 in central Chiang Mai :...
Medium Budget Da Nang Apartment

How To Find a Long-term Apartment Rental in Da Nang?

Your 8-step Guide to Discovering the Ideal Long-term Apartment Rental in Da Nang A little update for 2024: It's no longer 2023, with multiple letting agents fighting over...
Vietnam Scooter Scams

Don’t Get Taken for a Ride: 😠 Scooter Rental Scams

Renting a scooter during my travels in Da Nang was exhilarating and allowed me a freedom I wouldn't have experienced otherwise. That being said, I don't recommend learning...
Sweat, sweating and humidity

How To Stop Sweating & Acclimatise Fast in Thailand

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9USD Budget Hotel Da Nang February

What’s the Cheapest Time (Best Value/Off Season) of the Year to visit Da Nang?

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Coworking Rybek 28 Krakow, Poland

Top 10 CoWorking Spaces in Krakow, Poland

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KLIA2 Train

Travel Guide: Kuala Lumpur Airport to Kuala Lumpur Centre

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Chiang Mai's Best Beach

Chiang Mai’s Awesome Golden Beaches… *cough*

Looking for the golden sands of Chiang Mai's Hottest Beach!? You're not the only one. Many a would be travellers pursue the hunt for Lanna-lands golden coasts. Check out...