Budapest’s Top 9 CoWorking Spaces (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Private Offices)

Get Your Budapest Cowork Game On!

Coworking spaces Budapest

Want to take your business to the next level? We check out 9 awesome Budapest CoWorking spaces

If you’ve been wondering ‘What is the best coworking space in Budapest?’ then you’ve come to the right place! By the end of this article, you’ll have 9 CoWorking options where you get your work mojo on in the beautifully historic city of Budapest.

I’ll cover the price options, memberships, locations, facilities and any other coworky extras that you might need to know.

Budapest is well and truly on the Digital Nomad map with remote workers flocking here every summer for the amazing nightlife and beautiful architecture.

Whether you’re looking for your first office, want to launch a startup or you’re getting cabin fever at home, there’s a perfect CoWorking space in Budapest for you.

If I’ve missed off your favourite place, let me know in the comments at the end!

The CoWork spaces below are in no particular order, so let’s jump straight in.

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1. Impact Hub – District 5

Impact Hub Coworking Budapest

Impact Hub Budapest is located in the heart of Budapest, close to transport links (Astoria Metro) in District 5 and also a short walk to the beautiful Danube river.

It’s light and airy ambience is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. There’s a variety of desks to choose from, each with high-end ergonomic chairs and the option to rent a meeting room for more privacy / Skype calls.

Impact Hub, as the name suggests, is a global network of CoWorking spaces with 101 hubs all around the world. Join Impact Hub Budapest and you’ll have global access to all their CoWorking spaces, from Myanmar to Dubai.

Another great benefit is that on the unlimited plan you’ll get a dedicated desk and also the option to register your company at their address.

The downside is that the office runs regular hours, 9-6pm, which isn’t great for you night owls.

Interested? You can currently get a free day pass for 4 hours to check it out for yourself.

Day Pass (Hotdesk): 4900 HUF
Week Pass: 20 hours: 15KHUF. 40 Hours: 22.5K HUF. 80 hours: 34.5K HUF
Monthly Pass: Unlimited: 54.5K HUF
Dedicated Desks: 13.5K HUF (Unlimited Only)
Opening Times: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Free Tea & Coffee
Meeting Rooms: From 5433 HUF Per Month
Size: Large

2. Kubik – District 6

Kubik Coworking Budapest

Kubik is one of Budapest’s largest CoWork offices with both hot-desk & permanent desk options that come with 24/7 access. They also offer dedicated offices as well as meeting rooms that you can rent out.

While they do offer day passes and a free trial day, it’s more suited to long term workers with some fantastic discounts for 6/12 month packages.

Parallel to the gorgeous Margaret island, it’s right next to local transport with plenty of food & drinks options after-work.

Some extras that might sway you towards Kubik is their mail handling service, onsite coffee shop, lockers & showers.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 4500 HUF
Monthly Pass: 35K HUF per month
Dedicated Desks: 45K HUF per month
Opening Times: 24/7
Kitchen: Cafeteria
Extras: Lockers, Mail, Printer / Copier
Meeting Rooms: From 2500 HUF Per Hour
Size: Large

3. Urban Lobby

Urban Lobby Coworking Budapest

Urban Lobby is a great new addition to Budapest offering a hybrid solution to CoWorkers. Half airport lounge, half hipster cafe, this lobby aims to take the hassle out of your Budapest trip.

There’s a large storage room that you can lock your luggage inside, for a price, then for only 5 Euros, you’ll have a full days access to Urban Lobby. Here you can use the high-speed WiFi, free snacks, printer and shower facilities.

If you’re a fan of the vibe here, they also offer weekly and monthly passes.

I haven’t visited this one myself, so let me know in comments what you think of the vibe, coffee, noise levels, etc.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 5 EURO
Week Pass: 25 EURO
Monthly Pass: 60 EURO
Dedicated Desks: N/A
Secure Luggage Storage: Yes
Opening Times: 8am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Kitchen: No (Coffee & Snacks Available)
Extras: Showers, Boardgames, Printers, Sofas
Meeting Rooms: Available
Size: Large

4. Kaptar – District 6

Kaptar Coworking Budapest

Next to the impressive St Stephen’s Basilica and opposite the cat cafe is the networking hub Kaptar.

With excellent facilities like Skype rooms, standing desks and friendly staff, this place is buzzing with both locals and international visitors.

Kaptar is the best coworking space for events with their weekly Digital Nomad mixers and workshops. They can also help you to level up your skills whether that’s marketing or YouTube ads, you’re bound to find something for you.

PS. If you’re looking to meet other friendly nomads, check out Digital Wombats – Budapest on Facebook, which is affiliated with Kaptar.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 3900 HUF (8am- 8pm)
Week Pass: No
Monthly Pass: 55K HUF
Dedicated Desks: 59K HUF
Opening Times: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Unlimited Espresso Coffee, Business Address, Copier / Printer, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: 4000 HUF Per Hour
Size: Large

5. Mosaik – District 13

Mosaik Coworking Budapest

This coworking spot is in central District 13 and conveniently located next to the best vintage pinball museum in Budapest, the Flipper Muzeum.

If you’re looking for a funky, well-designed and organised office space, then Mosaik is for you. The Scandinavian design continues throughout with geometric wallpaper, light beech desks and comfy ergonomic chairs.

Mosaik is well known for its community events with regular workshops and courses to help startups and entrepreneurs.

If you’re a cyclist then you’ll love Mosaik as they have secure bike storage for all members.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 3239 HUF
Week Pass: 16200 HUF
Monthly Pass: 42,100 HUF (48600 HUF 24/7)
Dedicated Desks: Extra 10K HUF (month + membership)
Opening Times: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Shower, Bike Storage
Meeting Rooms: Included in 5 day + Memberships
Size: Large

6. LOFFICE – District 6

LOFFICE Coworking Budapest

LOFFICE dominates the coworking space in Budapest with their 4 different offices in the city. If you’re heading to Vienna, you can also check out their coworking space there too. Perhaps working and relaxing at a beautiful beach is your thing? They also have an office at the famous Lake Balaton.

Their Budapest coworking branch is near to transport links at Octogon so its really easy to get to by tram. This space has lots of comfy desks chairs and individual desks you can rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you’re looking to hire an office for your business, they have 3 other offices for rent in different locations within central Budapest. You can use their post service and use it as your registered business address from 20K HUF per year.

It’s not all work and no play at LOFFICE as they even have a foosball table. Now that’s my kind of office!: )

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 4500 HUF
Week Pass: 20K HUF (5 Day)
Monthly Pass: 45K HUF
Dedicated Desks: 53K HUF (24hrs)
Opening Times: 9am – 5:30pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: No
Extras: Community Events
Meeting Rooms: 6000 HUF Per Hour
Size: Large

7. UP Center – Buda

UP Center Coworking Budapest

UP center is the cheapest coworking space in Budapest with day passes for just 3000 HUF. Based on the Buda side of town means that it’s a quiet and peaceful place to get work done.

UP Center is a coworking space that focuses on helping startups and entrepreneurs succeed. They have an incubation program, career development workshops and regular free training on topics like SEO and marketing.

With the natural lighting, comfy ergonomic desk chairs and a monitor for every desk, you can’t help but be productive here!

This coworking space is also bike and dog-friendly so there’s no need for your pooch to be left behind at home.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 3000 HUF
Week Pass: 2 Weekly: 30K HUF
Monthly Pass: 30K HUF
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 9am – 7pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Coffee Machine, Social events, Free Trainings, Video Studio
Meeting Rooms: Yes
Size: Medium

8. Muse – District 13

Muse Coworking Budapest

Muse coworking has the best transport links whether you’re living on the Buda or Pest side. It’s easily accessible via the 4/6 tram and located next to the Margaret Island bridge.

With the signature Budapest parquet flooring and grand staircases, Muse is definitely the grandest place I’ve ever coworked in!

Muse is a smaller coworking space than the others but has a cosy and friendly vibe so it feels more like a private office rather than strangers working in a room together.

One of the best things about this place is the balcony. It’s a perfect place to have your coffee break and watch the hustle and bustle of Budapest life.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 3500 HUF
Week Pass: 24K HUF (8 Days)
Monthly Pass: 50K HUF (20 Days)
Dedicated Desks: 60K HUF (Monthly)
Opening Times: 9:30am – 5pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Projector, Bike Storage, Shower, Locker, Projector
Meeting Rooms: From 3000 HUF per hour
Size: Medium

9. Komodor – District 7

Komodor Coworking Budapest

If quiet coworking is important for you, then you’ll love Komodor. It’s the quietest coworking space in Budapest due to the special acoustic pads on the ceiling which minimise noise. If you need to make a call, there’s also a Skype room that you can use.

If you want a high tech, modern and seriously cool office, then Komodor has got to be your first choice. They’ve thought of everything, from comfy desks and chairs to grey cubicle dividers all to make your office experience as productive as possible.

Centrally located in District 7, it’s surrounded by lots of awesome ruin bars and my favourite middle eastern restaurant, Dobrumba. (I’d recommend the falafel & hummus)

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 4000 HUF (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri)
Week Pass: No
Monthly Pass: 45K HUF
Dedicated Desks: 45K HUF
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Shower, 24/7 Security, Printer
Meeting Rooms: No (Private office 220k HUF per month)
Size: Small

10. Csalogány47 – Buda

Csalogány47 Coworking Budapest

With its super funky and modern design, Csalogány47 is the coolest coworking space in Budapest. They even have an indoor pebble garden called ‘arbour’ where you can chill out in a hammock.

Csalogány47 is located on the Buda side near Mammut shopping centre. You can get here via the 4/6 tram which runs right from District 7 up to the Buda side for around 300 HUF (£1).

In terms of work stations, there’s something for everyone. From tall bar-type desks with high stools to regular office desks and ergonomic chairs. Plus there’s also comfy sofas and armchairs for those all-important coffee meetings.

One awesome bonus is that you get beautiful views of Pest while you’re sipping coffee.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 4000 HUF
Week Pass: No
Monthly Pass: 40K HUF
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 9am – 7pm (Mon – Fri)
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Conference rooms, Locker, Printer, Shower, Chillout Area
Meeting Rooms: 5000 HUF Per Hour
Size: Medium

Thanks for reading, let me know your experiences with coworking spaces in Budapest in the comments below : )


  1. Hello Beki
    I come from Iran 2 days ago. In Iran I had an Accelerator for startups. But I decided, come to Budapest for continue my education in PhD level and near to the Europeans business ecosystem. So for start at this time I need a free coworking space.
    Is here any free coworking space for me?
    Please guide me.
    Thank you so much

  2. That’s an amazing article and among all of them, Impact hub is one of the best would like to go for when we plan to set up in Hungary. The major factor that attracted me for it was that it’s a spacious area setup.

  3. Hi guys,
    I’m looking for something like Level39 in London – a coworking/office space that has many tech (ideally fintech) startups in it. What should I be looking for? Thanks!


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