Top 10 CoWorking Spaces in Krakow, Poland

Krakow's coworking scene is growing fast, which is great news for travelpreneurs!


Whether you’re visiting Krakow for a few days, a month or moving long-term, there’s a great selection of co-working spaces to choose from. I won’t list the numerous benefits of coworking, but if you meet like minded entrepreneurs and escape your home there’s no better solution.

As as avid coworker myself, I’ve put together this list of coworking space choices in Krakow along with all the info you’ll need to get your started. All the spaces below include high-speed internet and range from dedicated monthly office desks to coworking cafe.

Have I missed of your favourite coworking space in Krakow? Just leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

1. Kalafiornia Cowork

Kalafiornia Coworking Space, Krakow, Poland

Just outside the south-east walls of Krakow’s old town is the good vibes coworking space Kalafiornia.

Fully equipped with a main coworking room, self service kitchen with delicious coffee, a games room / conference room depending on your mood; it has everything you’d need to sign up and start working.

Centrally located with 300Mb fibre internet

The office itself features high-backed ergonomic chairs,and large white desks with Dell monitors available to residents and guests. The conference room is free of charge to use whether you want to chill out and play the Xbox, have a private call or invite a client for a briefing.

Kalafiornia is currently offering a 2-day trial, so you can check out the vibes and ergonomics yourself before committing to a monthly dedicated desk.

Day Price (Hotdesk): 45 PLN
Monthly Price (Dedicated Desk): 590 PLN
Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 9am – 5pm (Closed Sat, Sun)
Kitchen: Coffee Included
Games Room: Yes included (multi-purpose)
Meeting Rooms: Yes included (multi-purpose)
Size: Small
Location: Google Maps Location

2. iTechcloud Coworking

iTechcloud Coworking space Krakow, Poland

Situated in central Kazimierz, just south of Krakow’s old town is the iTechcloud coworking hub. It’s a really cool space with cosy vibes, brick walls and wood cladding. As a resident you’ll have access to the multiple meeting rooms.

a warm cosy vibe office with plenty of private space

iTechCloud caters to daily, weekly and monthly residents with multi-lingual staff (English, Polish, Russian & Ukrainian) and a fully equipped kitchen providing free tea and coffee.

If you do opt for the monthly membership, you’ll also have access to the onsite shower as well as bicycle parking and the option to register your business address here. If you need high-speed WiFi, iTechcloud has you covered, as they have use two high-speed providers to ensure there’s absolutely no downtime.

Day Price: 30 PLN
Weekly Price: 130 PLN
Monthly Price: 470 PLN
Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 10am – 6pm (Closed Sat, Sun)
Kitchen: Coffee & tea included
Games Room: No
Meeting Rooms: Yes (included for monthly)
Size: Medium
Location: Google Maps Location

3. Coworking Rynek 28

Coworking Rybek 28 Krakow, Poland

Located in the heart of Krakow’s old town, the light & airy Coworking Rynek 28 has gorgeous views overlooking the town hall in the main square. With over 20 workstations all equipped with high-backed ergonomic chairs and a self service breakfast bar serving coffee, it’s one of the nicest coworking spaces in Krakow.

Premium coworking in central Krakow

This space also offers a virtual office package and has a large meeting room for events or training which can seat around 20 people. If you’re thinking of checking out Coworking Rynek 28, they offer a free 1 day trial so you can see if the ambience is right for you.

Day Price: 50 PLN
Weekly Price: 200 PLN
Monthly Price: 500 PLN
Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm (Closed Sat, Sun)
Kitchen: Coffee & tea included
Games Room: No
Meeting Rooms: Yes
Size: Medium
Location: Google Maps Location

4. BiznesLab

BiznesLab Coworking Krakow, Poland

Biznes Lab has two coworking spaces in Krakow and has the advantage of 24/7 access, booking meeting rooms and a table football games room.

This space offers multiple plans for coworking as well as office space to grow into if needed. Both spaces include hotdesks or dedicated desks with ergonomic chairs and privacy screens between workspaces.

One of the best coworking spaces in krakow

With a 300Mbit internet, dedicated kitchen with seating and artwork across the walls it’s a great space to get creative and ditch your home office. It’s also one of the only spaces to have a car park on site.

5 Day Package: 199 PLN
10 Day Package: 299 PLN
Monthly Price: 499 PLN
Monthly Price: 749 PLN (dedicated desk)
Opening Times: 24/7 access
Kitchen: Coffee & tea included
Games Room: Yes
Meeting Rooms: Yes
Size: Large
Location: Google Maps Location

5. ForkLog Crypto Coworking

ForkLog Crypto Coworking space Krakow, Poland

While a little expensive compared to other options, ForkLog is Krakow’s only Crypto-centric coworking space. If you’re looking to network with other blockchain enthusiasts then this is the place to be.

Coworking with regular crypto networking events

ForkLog also offers an incubator program for blockchain startups with free coworking space and mentorship available. If crypto isn’t your thing though, then you might not be tempted by the simple office space on offer.

Day Price: 50 PLN
Monthly Price: 550 PLN (dedicated desk)
Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 9am – 7pm (Closed Sat, Sun)
Kitchen: Coffee & tea included
Games Room: No
Meeting Rooms: Yes
Size: Small
Location: Google Maps Location

6. Bioro Coworking

Bioro Coworking Space, Krakow, Poland

Bioro is another of Krakow’s coworking spaces that also hosts events. If you’re a startup they’ll also work to put you in touch with freelancers in the fields of accountancy, marketing and design to get your business up and running.

Monthly dedicated desks with lockable storage

Bioro only offers monthly options to their coworking space but you do get a dedicated workspace with a lockable chest of drawers underneath. You also get unlimited machine coffee and tea from the fully equipped kitchen.

Monthly Price (Dedicated Desk): 420 PLN
Virtual Office: Available
Opening Times: 24 Hour Access
Kitchen: Coffee & tea included
Games Room: No
Meeting Rooms: Yes included
Size: Small
Location: Google Maps Location



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