Withdraw Thai Baht For Free & Avoid ATM Exchange Rate Fees

Travel Hack: Withdraw Thai Baht For Free (No Fees)

SCB Withdraw Cash Thailand

Back in the good old days, you could withdraw your money out at Thailand’s cash machines for free, but sadly, those days are now gone.

When the banks realised they could charge a fee for each withdrawal, they weren’t going to pass up on all that extra cash. So it went from 100 to 200 and now to 220 baht each time you visit an ATM.

But you can fight back! And avoid those pesky fees!

At the end of this guide, you’ll know how to:

  • Withdraw Money For Free In Thailand
  • Avoid the awful currency exchange rate at ATMs

*Your local bank fees will still apply. This guide is to avoid Thai banking fees. Check out our FAQs at the end for more info on zero exchange fee card options.

Bangkok Bank Cash Withdrawal

Withdraw Thai Baht For Free At The Banks Kiosk

There’s a little known hack where you can withdraw money using a credit card and not pay any of the Thai withdrawal fees. You’ll be getting your local banks exchange rate, which for me, is the mid-market rate, almost exactly what Google says : ), more on that later.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your Bank Card
  • Your Passport
  • Your Address or Phone Number to hand.

Head to Bangkok Bank’s exchange booth, or if that’s not available head inside and get a ticket for ‘foreign remittance’.


  1. Head to the currency exchange / foreign remittance counter
  2. Ask for the amount you want in Thai baht.
  3. Hand over your passport & credit card.
  4. Check the amount and enter your PIN / Sign.
  5. Sign the receipt and passport copy.
  6. Receive your Thai baht.
  7. Pay off the money via your banking app asap.

If your bank is like mine, you’ll be getting the Google Exchange and avoiding the pesky 220 baht ATM fee. Great right!?

There will be times when you need to use a Cash ATM though, so we’ve got some top money-saving tips for this below as well. Check it out!

How Much Can You Withdraw?

This depends on your bank. U.K credit cards are limited to £500 per withdrawal. Approx 19k Baht.

SCB Cash Machine Withdrawal

Thailand ATM (Cash Machine) Withdrawals – The Smart Way

If you’re not an intrepid adventurer, drawing cash out in a foreign country can be quite a scary experience. I remember the first time I tried and failed at using my bank card at Suvarnabhumi Airport, more on that later.

And that’s why I’ve made you a step-by-step guide (with pictures) to make your cash withdrawal easy as pie.

By following the steps below, you’ll still have to pay the ATM fee 220 baht but you can avoid the Thai bank’s awful exchange rate.

Step 1

After you insert your card & enter your PIN and choose your language.

Thailand Cash machine step 1 and 2

Step 2

Next, you can choose what type of transaction you want. Click ‘withdrawal’.

Step 3

The machine will then ask you which account you’d like to withdraw from. Choose ‘credit card’.

Cash Machine Thailand step 3 and 4

Step 4

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click ‘correct’.

Step 5

The next screen will ask if you accept the 220 baht fee. To continue press ‘yes’. If you press no at this point then your card will be returned without being charged.

Thailand Cash Machine Step 5 & 6

Step 6

This screen asks you to accept or decline the exchange rate given. Press ‘decline’ to receive your bank cards VISA rate.

Different bank machines may ask you this question again or use confusing language to make you think you’re cancelling the entire transaction. Keep selecting decline.

Step 7

You’ll receive your Thai baht and choose if you need a receipt.

Thailand Cash Machine Step 7 & 8

Step 8

Wait for your receipt and card.

Top Tip: After you have agreed to the charge and chosen your exchange rate, the ATM might say ‘invalid transaction please contact your bank’. Firstly, don’t worry. You don’t need to call your bank. ATMs say this when they don’t have enough money in there to withdraw.

Invalid Transaction Please Contact Your Bank

When I first arrived in Bangkok, 3 years ago, my first mission after picking up my backpack was to get some cash out. I’d set up my travel flags, remembered my PIN and felt ready.

All the ATM screens above worked normally but instead of receiving cash I was met with the message ‘invalid transaction please contact your bank’.

I started to panic.

But you don’t need to. There’s actually nothing wrong with your card or your bank. It’s just a lack of funds in the machine. Try a different machine or request a lower amount of Baht.

Top Tip: ATMs that are attached to banks tend to have more money available. I’ve had the worst luck withdrawing Thai baht at lone ATMs or ATM’s in busy airports.

How common are ATMs in Thailand?

ATM’s are readily available all across Thailand.

You’ll find lots of ‘hole in the wall’ cash machines outside 7/11’s, convenience stores and bank branches in every shopping mall.

What Bank Card Do I Use In Thailand?

In the U.K, we have an awesome travel credit card from a bank called Halifax. This allows you to withdraw money anywhere in the world at VISA exchange rates without any fees if you pay the amount off straight away.

You should look out for similar cards in your country.

If you’re local banks don’t have this type of no fee travel credit cards, then you could apply for a Transferwise Borderless account. Their debit card has zero transaction fees whilst using abroad and automatically converts your money at the real exchange rate.

Where Can You Use Your Credit Card In Thailand?

You can use credit cards in most shops & larger supermarkets in Thailand with the exception being 7/11. Thailand is still very much a cash country so it’s wise to always carry cash.

Popular food services such as Food Panda, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and taxi app Grab all accept credit cards.

I hope you find this Thai baht guide useful! Maybe you can spend the money you saved going shopping at one of these Chiang Mai Shopping malls?

I’d love to hear your top tips or experiences, so comment below : ).



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