8 Awesome CoWorking Spaces in Chiang Mai

Find Your Work Mojo in Chiang Mai's Best CoWorking Spaces

Coworking Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

Ready to see some of Chiang Mai’s Hottest CoWorking Spaces? Hell Yes!

Chiang Mai has become something of a Mecca for Digital Nomads with remote workers flocking here to soak up the good life.

It’s no surprise then that plenty of dedicated coworking spaces have sprung up over the last few years. While the unlimited coffee and snacks are a big draw, it’s the ergonomic chairs, big desks and continuity that make the difference to your productivity.

When you factor in the amount you save in aircon bills and also that your arse won’t go numb on a hipster wooden chair after 2 hours, coworking in Chiang Mai starts to sound like a good deal.

The other benefit I haven’t mentioned yet is community and networking. I find I’m much more likely to strike up a conversation in the coworking kitchen, than in one of Nimman’s hipster cafes.

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So to make choosing a coworking space in Chiang Mai easier, I’ve listed them all with prices (daily, weekly, monthly), opening hours, the facilities they offer and pinned their Google Maps locations.

Everyone looks for different things in a coworking space, so let me know in the comments your experiences in Chiang Mai.

Let’s get to it!

Here Are Chiang Mai’s Best CoWorking Spaces

1. Hub 53 – North Nimman

Hub 53 Coworking space Chiang Mai

Located a 10-minute walk from Maya, Hub 53 is a welcoming extravaganza of Digital Nomad goodness.

As well as modern coworking space, they also offer coliving and even have a super tasty salad and smoothie (Hubster) bar next door. If the idea of having a salad and shake delivered to your desk while working sounds like heaven, then you’ll love Hub 53.

They also offer a cogrowing area which hosts learning boot camps for budding entrepreneurs. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly and hourly passes as well as night owl pass for you creepy coders.

The kitchen area is basic, but they do have a digital nomad essential, a decent espresso machine as well as a small selection of teas. There’s also plenty of events running weekly that you can join in on as a member.

Day Pass(Hotdesk): 189 Baht (8am – 8pm)
Week Pass: 949 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2899 Baht 24/7 | until 8pm discount available
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes (coffee, tea, filter water, snacks included)
Extras: Nap Room, Skype Room, Copier / Printer, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: From 8000 baht per month
Size: Large

2. Punspace – Nimman

Punspace Nimman Coworking Chiang Mai

Punspace is one of the original coworking hubs in Chiang Mai and has 2 other locations in Tha Pae Gate and Wian Kaew (Old Town).

As a member of a Punspace with a weekly or monthly pass, you can visit any of the 3 locations in Chiang Mai at any time. They have 24-hour access with fingerprint security that’s shared between all locations.

If you plan to be Chiang Mai for a while they have quarterly, 6 month and 12 month memberships where you get some meeting hours included for free in your membership.

They also have a ‘Startup in Residence’ project where Punspace members can get involved and collaborate with local Thai startups.

Day Pass: 289 Baht (9am – 6pm)
Week Pass: 1699 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2899 Baht
Dedicated Desks: 5499 Baht (monthly)
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Outside Courtyard, Skype Rooms, Printer/ Copier, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: From 13k per month
Size: Medium

3. Punspace Tha Pae Gate – Old Town

Punspace Tha Phae Gate

This is another Punspace coworking area which is convenient if you’re based in Old Town rather than Nimman.

It has a variety of seating choices including ergonomic desk chairs, wooden stools and comfy armchairs. There is a light and airy atmosphere here thanks to the high ceilings, natural light and lots of indoor plants.

The prices are the same as the Wiang Kaew and Nimman branch plus you get the added benefit of being right in the heart of Old Town with lots of restaurant choices right on your doorstep.

It’s also next to Renegade bar which sells amazing craft beer – check it out in our Chiang Mai craft beer guide.

Day Pass: 289 Baht (9am – 6pm)
Week Pass: 1699 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2899 Baht
Dedicated Desks: 5499 Baht (monthly)
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Skype Rooms, Printer/ Copier, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: From 250 Baht Per Hour
Size: Large

4. Punspace Wiang Kaew – Old Town

Punspace Wiang Kaew Coworking Chiang Mai

If you usually go to the Tha Pae Gate Punspace then the big garden and tall trees surrounding Wiang Kaew Punspace are a great change of scenery.

Similar to the Nimman branch, it has a tranquil front garden that even has a hammock and swing to tempt you to take a break from your desk.

If you don’t fancy making your own coffee (included) then you can get a coffee starting from 55 baht at their Burkta coffee shop on site. Out of the 3 branches, this is generally the quietest one so it’s a sure bet if you want to smash through some serious work!

Similar to the other Punspaces there are lots of ergonomic chairs to choose from, large desks and cool air con.

Day Pass: 289 Baht (9am – 6pm)
Week Pass: 1699 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2899 Baht
Dedicated Desks: 5499 Baht (monthly)
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Outside Garden, Skype Rooms, Printer/ Copier, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: From 400 Baht Per Hour
Size: Large

5. Starwork – Super Highway

Starwork Coworking Chiang Mai

Starwork is located away from Nimman and Old Town and is next to the Superhighway, near to Big C supermarket. You can get there easily by scooter or by a Grab taxi.

Starwork is a super modern and well-designed coworking space with lots of ergonomic office chairs, proper desks and funky synthetic grass on the floor.

As well as the open-plan coworking area they also have 3 meeting rooms and 3 different serviced offices to rent. As a member, you can also register your company at their address and use their mailbox service.

With the day pass, you can either have a coffee from Amazon cafe next door or 2 coffee machine capsules. You can also help yourself to free tea and snacks during the day.

Day Pass: 199 Baht
Week Pass: 1990 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2990 Baht
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 9am – 6pm
Kitchen: No
Extras: Game consoles, Library corner, Nap Room
Meeting Rooms: From 2990 Baht
Size: Medium

6. The Brick Startup Space – Nimman

The Brick Startup Space Chiang Mai

Located in Nimman and just around the corner from Punspace, lies the startup hub The Brick Startup space.

Its main purpose is to nurture and guide new local Thai startup businesses and is sponsored by the Thai Ministry of Science and Technology. A great byproduct of creating a space for startups means that it has a focused coworking area as well.

With a variety of ergonomic chair and standing desk options, super-fast WiFi and a large choice of lunch options on your doorstep; this place has got to be on your ‘check it out’ list.

Day Pass: 250 Baht
Week Pass: 1600 Baht
Monthly Pass: 3700 Baht
Dedicated Desks: 4900 Baht (Monthly, For 2 People)
Opening Times: 9am – 9pm
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Free Coffee, Tea & Drinking Water, Lockers
Meeting Rooms: From 350 Baht per hour
Size: Medium

7. In The City Coliving & CoWorking – Old Town

In The City Coliving and Coworking

In The City is both a coliving and coworking place where you can make awesome friends whilst getting some work done.

This coworking space has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with ergonomic desk chairs and a mixture of desk choices for the posture concerned Digital Nomad.

If you’re not working for the whole day you can grab the 2-hour pass for just 40 baht which includes free coffee, tea and drinking water.

They have great value options as their weekly and monthly passes include one meal each day. The monthly pass also has the addition of a laundry service too.

Day Pass: 150 Baht
Week Pass: 850 Baht
Monthly Pass: 2500 Baht
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Kitchen: Yes
Extras: Balcony / Chill Out Area
Meeting Rooms: No
Size: Medium

8. Addicted To Work – North Nimman

Addicted To Work

Update 08/19: Addicted To Work is Currently Closed.

Tucked away in a quiet side street off the busy Huay Kaew road you’ll find this tranquil work oasis.

What first attracted me to this coworking space was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere where the staff treat you more like a friend than a customer. That or the fact that there’s usually a friendly tortoiseshell cat lazing about outside…

This is for remote workers who want a coworking space with a homely feel where traditional desserts and local fruits are brought to your table, no need to even get up.

They do the passes slightly differently here where you can choose an hourly rate (20 baht) and a 3 month pass which allows you to visit 45 times (4500 baht).

Day Pass: 120 Baht (8 hours)
Week Pass: No
Monthly Pass: 3000 Baht
Dedicated Desks: No
Opening Times: 10am – 8pm (Closed Sunday)
Kitchen: No
Extras: Coke, Tea, Coffee, Water & Snacks, (day pass+)
Meeting Rooms: No
Size: Small

Leave a comment below with your experience visiting these Coworking spaces in Chiang Mai : )

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